A Deeper Definition of Risk

As a breakthrough coach, I talk a lot about “risks.” I help my clients make it safer to take the steps they need to take to do what they really love by helping them process the underlying risks that are holding them back. What they often tell me in our work together is that they’re…

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Bring Your Ideal Client to Life

Let’s start connecting with your ideal client. Three weeks ago, as a prelude to pilot programs, I talked about bringing purpose into reality with action. To follow up, I shared the benefits of launching a pilot program to practice doing what you really love in a real-life environment. Next, I gave you concrete tips to…

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Time to Plan Your Pilot Program!

Last week, we defined the purpose of launching a pilot program to practice bringing your purpose to life. This week, we’re moving even closer to doing what you really love. Let’s talk about gathering resources and planning the details for a successful pilot program! Gather Your Resources Back in January, we talked about setting intention in…

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Practice Your Purpose With a Pilot Program


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with one step.” – Lao Tzu Going from a career that isn’t feeding your soul to doing what you really love isn’t an easy process. There is no quick fix, and it can be difficult to know exactly how you want to bring your purpose to the world.…

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Your Deepest Need Will Fire Up Your Purpose

your purpose

In our last blog post, we talked about setting intention. Setting intention puts you on the right path toward doing what you love and living in your purpose! When you tune into daily physical sensations of joy and lightness, your purpose becomes more clear. This will help you tremendously in your hero’s journey. Today we…

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How to Find the Work You Love

How to find the work you love

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau Are you Fleeing or Pursuing? A new year is upon us, and all around we see fresh motivation for action. It seems like everyone is re-evaluating the possibilities in life and taking action to do something new and better. In this journey,…

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The 4 Keys to Accomplishing Your Quest

Online Career Coaching

Connecting with what you really love to do is a journey. However, it’s not a straightforward, one-time mission. The road is long and winding. Sometimes you’ll try a path that veers off track; other times, you may need to take a break to connect with loved ones and rest for the challenges ahead. Later in…

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Sharing my Hero’s Journey

Breakthrough coaching for professionals who feel called to something bigger in life.

Today I’m here to share my journey. I founded Engaging Breakthroughs to train and support corporate professionals to flourish and get paid. I help them create new, more fulfilling work lives. It’s a privilege to combine my consulting and coaching experiences to make a difference for others, and I’m proud to say I’m doing what…

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