Engaging Breakthroughs presents:

Career Coaching and Networking Support

Crush Your Career

A new career and networking support private coaching program that helps you get the purposeful job you want getting paid what you want.

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Our small team of highly skilled coaches and facilitators help mid to late-career corporate professionals create a purposeful and financially rewarding career.

Our programs are for you if you recognize that you need high-quality support in your career search, and especially in these circumstances:

  • You've been submitting your resume to job postings and have not gotten responses.
  • You are late in your career and you haven't achieved what you had hoped for.
  • You have been out of the workforce for a long period of time due to having children or caring for a family member and are not confident about how to get back into it.
  • You have a varied background and are unsure of how to translate those different experiences into a career you would love.

This is why we created the Crush Your Career Connections program!

What Past Clients are Saying

"Brandy is a delight to work with. She has an incredible ability to connect with individuals quickly and easy. Her constant encouragement is priceless which makes you want her on your team. Having worked in HR and owning her own business, I find that she has an array of knowledge that has contributed to our success as a team and organization. She is constantly striving to improve and learn. Not only have I gained an amazing co-worker but also a friend! Thankful our paths crossed."

Carrie M.

"Wow, my resume looks a lot fuller and with some depth and weight. I have never been the best salesman of myself I guess, I try to not brag and remain humble. Thank you for everything. Your time and expertise with the resume and interview process is very appreciated."

Donnie W.

"Picture speaks for itself!"

Tyler D.


In the Crush Your Career Connections private coaching program, we will partner together to:

  • Get clear on which roles you want to pursue
  • Create your powerful value proposition so that you stand out from the pack (the "Above and Beyond" about you)
  • Create compelling Resume and Social Media profiles
  • Expand your network and create warm connections
  • Discover how your experiences relate to and support the role you are looking for
  • Tell an authentic and viable story about your experience (especially in complex, varied, or gap-filled career paths)
  • Develop new long-lasting relationships to support your continued career development.
  • Land your ideal opportunity!


Brandy new
Brandy Peattie

Career and Networking Coach

About Your Career and Networking Coach

 As a 20+ year Recruiting and HR Professional, Brandy has developed long-standing partnerships with all levels of employees across all industries.

She has a passion for helping her clients create powerful value propositions so that they stand out from the pack. In her role as your Career and Networking coach, Brandy partners with you from the time you enroll with her though your successful acceptance of your new, purposeful position. 

She continues to grow those relationships over time. As a matter of fact, Brandy and Craig Tennant first worked together in 1999, stayed connected over the past 20+ years, and decided to join forces this year.

Brandy's breadth of experiences as a Recruiter uniquely position her to specialize in helping clients with non-linear career paths.

Brandy knows exactly what recruiters and hiring managers look for when hiring, and partners with you to help your land your ideal career in the shortest time possible. 

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