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What they're saying about the "Crush Your Career - Connections" Program

What they're saying about the "Crush Your Career" Leadership Coaching

Transformational Leadership - Aline
Aline Koch
Practice Director, PMO

Before the "Crush Your Career" Communication Bootcamp I felt stress when negotiating with clients about our team's travel schedule and availability. I also felt impatient with members of my teams when they didn't perform their work the way that I wanted.


During the program, I was able to apply the 4 Channels of Communication to what I wanted to say in both situations, which helped me get real clarity about what I wanted to say.


As a result, I have had extra patience, I am able to listen better and am able to absorb what the client is saying by seeking to hear their perspective. I have also been able to communicate what our team wants in a way that has been well received. The way that I am showing up has lead to better team building, because I am able to coach team members more effectively and more easily. Just recently the client sent an email to our CEO praising the way that our team has interacted with their team up on this project.

Armando Costilla
Senior Systems Engineer

Craig Tennant facilitated a process in which I was able to speak to a covert side within, that was preventing me from fully tapping into my potential as a professional and as a leader. I would definitely recommend this program if you feel stuck or are considering changing careers.

Transformational Leadership - Adam
Adam Pinto
Project Leader

Before the "Crush Your Career" Bootcamp the challenge that I had in my work was resolving conflict in a meaningful, productive manner. I would bottle up each negative interaction whether it be with a supervisor, subordinate, peer, client. Those ‘charges’ would linger and impact the way I was showing up to work and interacting with these people. The result was less output, decreased communication, and overall anxiety and stress related to these situations.


While working with Engaging Breakthroughs I discovered tools and approaches to efficiently & productively deal with conflict. I have learned to become more emotionally intelligent and aware of situations, as well as discovered tools and tangible approaches to resolving conflict.


The result that I have in my work today is more trustworthy relationships and higher performing teams. Our company adopted the principles of Engaging Breakthroughs and the culture of our firm is evolving for the better!

Transformational Leadership - Lourdes
Lourdes Salcido
Elementary Educator

I am working doing what I love, there is no doubt, yet I did not know how to handle my relationship with adults. I used to feel like a little child in front of them and I would become smaller and smaller when there was a conflict.


The biggest thing that I learned is to use my power. I was guided, I was not only advised, but with practice how I was going to handle conversations, and how I was going to present myself in a way that people are going to pay attention to what I am saying and hopefully do something about it.


The summary is that before (this year) I was living and working in an environment that I could not believe. I did not believe that such an environment could exist in the type of work that I do.


And now, just within weeks, I was able to address things in a different way, and amazingly, just yesterday was one of those days where I was not even expecting such attitude from one of my colleagues. From nowhere, she approached me in a totally different way. Totally different. And that’s not the only situation. There’s several. I just see it around, and it is now an everyday thing.


Before I felt like I was in a place where I didn’t belong, I was kind of in a borrowed place. Now I belong. I can stand and feel that I am occupying my space. And I am doing it with dignity, and that was the biggest accomplishment so far. That is a big one for me. I was miserable before.

A. G. B
Assistant District Attorney

When I came to Engaging Breakthroughs, I was experiencing overwhelm and lack of confidence, specifically at work. I had a strong desire to be more at-ease.

While working with Craig I discovered the simple act of getting clear of what you want to say, and how "leaning into" your "negative" feelings can make a big difference.

Some time after we finished working together, I started to have the moments Craig said I would have: I began to automatically ask myself 'what do I want to say?' and tell myself, 'get clear' before I would make a phone call/have a conversation about something important. It was a great feeling to finally see this begin to happen. While we were still working together, something about our conversations reminded me to also use an exercise for work that previously I was only utilizing intermittently - that is writing down the 3 most important tasks for the day in order to stay focused and reduce overwhelm.

Craig is patient and gives you time to progress organically instead of pushing. While I am still working on reducing the feeling of overwhelm and gaining confidence at work, I believe the tools I learned throughout my time with Craig will continue to assist me. Craig also has a knack for knowing where to take our conversations on any given day so he would pivot as needed to meet my needs.

In fact, for a time we shifted from the original challenges I wanted to overcome in order to focus on a major life decision that presented itself. I found that it was essential that I had Craig's insight and support to help me make the decision. That I felt comfortable enough to share with him this personal fork in the road I was facing says a lot. He went about it with absolute respect and sensitivity. In short, he makes you know he is there for YOU. He assists in helping to dissolve the masks and shields used to protect yourself from the outside world and helps quiet the noise and fears you hear & feel within. It becomes evident just how much these "tools" hinder rather than protect you. Thus, by teaching you to lean into all of your emotions, he helps you welcome you.

Transformational Leadership - Anthony
Anthony Bellcourt
Solution Leader

Before working with Engaging Breakthroughs I was challenged in communicating what I wanted. I hesitated to speak up because I was thinking "how do I clearly articulate my opinion(s) to my customers to give myself the greatest probability of being heard and understood?" and "how do I deliver feedback to a team member effectively, as to build my teammate up and not tear him/her down." That hesitation caused me to feel frustrated with myself, my clients and team members.


During the "Crush Your Career" Communication Bootcamp I was taught and was able to practice communicating in a more powerful way. I participated in role-playing exercises with situation/scenarios drawn from my actual life experiences. I also received feedback, coaching, and support regarding how I was showing up in these exercises. Furthermore, I was provided content, such as communication process maps, which are not rigid in nature. They simply assisted me in organizing my thoughts effectively. All of which (the context, exercises, and coaching) helped me form new habits in effective communication.


Today I am having a more satisfying work experience, and am contributing in more positive ways to my organization. My colleagues can count on my showing up in a truthful way, with a clear intention of giving constructing, supportive feedback as well as being open and soliciting their feedback so that I can continue to grow as a leader. I have been given increased leadership responsibilities, which has been part of my professional goal, which I believe is a direct result of this program.

Neeti Agarwal
Solution Architect

Before I worked with Engaging Breakthroughs I was uncertain in handling conflict and difficult issues with team members and clients. During my time working with Craig I was able to both see the benefit of, and practice leaning into difficult conversations. I learned about 4 channel communication and have applied it in my work.


As a result, I was recently promoted from Senior Consultant to Solution Architect.

Ben Say
Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Craig helped me to get in touch with what was really important to me. As a result, I believe I engaged with my clients more authentically, which reduced my stress. I am able to focus on how I help my clients, instead of how I think they want me to be.

What they're saying about "Flourish and Get Paid"

Shadow Work® Founder

Cliff Barry

making money doing what you love
Susie Fergus

Working with Craig at Engaging Breakthroughs has been transformational for me. When we first started our sessions, I was paralyzed with fear about having taken some pretty bold steps to change the direction of my career....only to be astounded with how STUCK I really was!  After just 6 sessions I noticed that my attitude changed about the natural fear and sadness that accompanies change. Fear and sadness are still part of my journey, but I now meet these emotions with more courage. 


Is it scary to change course in mid-life? You bet! Craig offers high-quality support that addresses belief systems and change at a heart level. Our work together has given me the skills and courage to become the heroine of my own life. I'm moving toward dreams that I did not even imagine 6 months ago, and I'm uncovering an authentic self that can serve my world with passion and expertise in a way that fits my unique personality. Engaging Breakthroughs is one of the best decisions I have made to create the life I've always dreamed of.


Meggie Francisco

make money doing what you love
Meggie Francisco

I can't recommend Craig's breakthrough coaching enough! I had a run at owning my own business, but after a cross-country move, I fled back to the corporate world. I just couldn't fathom how to start all over. I believed I was defeated. My home network that I'd worked so hard was long gone. All the ugly flaws that were apparent from my initial self-employment adventure were staring me in the face. I didn't know how to begin, but when my career goal became, "Just find some work I don't hate," I knew I was in dangerous territory and things had to change. That's the point when I reached out to Craig for coaching support.

Craig's coaching processes and methodologies helped me dig deeper to address the sources of some nasty thinking patterns that held me back from a higher level of success. I now understand that everyone struggles with this to some level, especially high performers who want to change the world. Craig helped to lift shame from my shoulders so I could be empowered and supported to start in a different way with eyes wide open. When I'm procrastinating or hesitating to reach for more, I can almost immediately identify what's going on behind the scenes and address it before it holds me or my business back.

I'm now in the process of re-launching my business in a new and different way, and already it feels completely different. I'm able to stand in my values confidently without worrying so much about what others think. I'm recognizing my true value and asking more appropriate rates for my services, and the timeline from consultation to booking is proceeding more rapidly than it ever did before. Most excitingly of all, I am seeing new doors open all over - in places where I thought they'd be shut in my face if I allowed myself to be more bold.

I highly recommend Craig Tennant's coaching programs to anyone who feels "stuck" in their career. Whether you're stuck not knowing how to lift a team up to the next level, stuck asking for rates well below your worth, or simply stuck in a 9 to 5 wanting to do something more, he can help you sort out what's really going on. His breakthrough coaching work goes beyond the trite platitudes from self-help books and makes you face reality in a way that will forever change you. If you're stuck, just book him, already. Seriously. You are losing money every minute you wait!