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We’re known for transformational leadership training programs that challenge the way our participants show up in the world. You won’t find typical self-help book platitudes here at Engaging Breakthroughs.  Side effects of our programs may include significant career growth, making more money, and deeper personal relationships.


Craig and Monttein have practiced leadership training for decades. Because of this, professionals seek them out for transformational support they can’t get anywhere else. Whether you want to show up more authentically at work, grow an effective team, or ditch the corporate world, Engaging Breakthroughs has the expertise to help you reach your goals.


Our highly experienced coaches know how to guide learners through difficult situations. They carry a variety of tools to break through barriers that keep teams and individuals from achieving what they want. Engaging Breakthroughs is highly adaptable, offering online leadership training as well as robust corporate workshops delivered on-site at your location.

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Career Coaching and Networking Programs

We partner with you to deliver a compelling message to new connections!

Career Coaching and Networking

  • You’ve been submitting your resume to job postings and have not gotten responses.
  • You are late in your career and you haven’t achieved what you had hoped for.
  • You have been out of the workforce for a long period of time due to having children or caring for a family member and are not confident about how to get back into it.
  • You have a varied background and are unsure of how to translate those different experiences into a career you would love.
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Leadership Training Programs

Our specialty is transformational leadership training. We help individuals and teams break through barriers so they can show up and perform the way they want!

Transformational Leadership Training

  • You avoid difficult conversations
  • You’re not paid what you believe you’re worth
  • You’ve been passed over for promotions or attractive projects
  • Your calendar and email inbox run you over
  • You’ve been thinking that getting an MBA might be your solution
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Employee Engagement 

  • Are under-performing
  • Struggle to accomplish productive meetings
  • Engage in back-stabbing or sabotage
  • Are unable to scale with industry or company growth
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Make Money Doing What You Love

Break through the internal barriers that have kept you “playing small” in your work. Make it safer to take the steps you want to take toward a career you really love!

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Sample Our Leadership Training

We believe strongly in what we do, and our clients do, too. That’s why we created the complimentary Break Through Your Barriers Blueprint. This valuable resource demonstrates just one of the many techniques we use to help people conquer the things that hold them back from success. This blueprint is the ultimate guide on how to stop procrastinating! It shows you how our leadership training uniquely empowers people to do, say, think and feel what they really want. 

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Learn more about Leadership Coaching with Engaging Breakthroughs

Engaging Breakthroughs was founded to empower people to align with their deepest truth. We offer leadership development programs that help people to follow their purpose, achieve transformational leadership, and show up more authentically in relationships and careers. Check out the blog to get inspired and learn more about what we do, or schedule a complimentary consultation today!