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Soft Skills Workshop


Mastering Soft Skills Training

in Dallas, Texas!

Welcome to a new kind of leadership training.


We're known for transformational leadership training programs that challenge the way our participants show up in the world. You won't find typical self-help book platitudes here at Engaging Breakthroughs.  Side effects of our programs may include significant career growth, making more money, and deeper personal relationships.


Craig and Monttein have practiced leadership training for decades. Because of this, professionals seek them out for transformational support they can't get anywhere else. Whether you want to show up more authentically at work, grow an effective team, or ditch the corporate world, Engaging Breakthroughs has the expertise to help you reach your goals.


Our highly experienced coaches know how to guide learners through difficult situations. They carry a variety of tools to break through barriers that keep teams and individuals from achieving what they want. Engaging Breakthroughs is highly adaptable, offering online leadership training as well as robust corporate workshops delivered on-site at your location.

Leadership Training Programs

Our specialty is transformational leadership training. We help individuals and teams break through barriers so they can show up and perform the way they want!

Transformational Leadership Training

The Crush Your Career program is for you if: 

  • You avoid difficult conversations
  • You're not paid what you believe you're worth
  • You've been passed over for promotions or attractive projects
  • Your calendar and email inbox run you over
  • You've been thinking that getting an MBA might be your solution

Employee Engagement 

Our Unstoppable Teams program gets to the heart of teams that:

  • Are under-performing
  • Struggle to accomplish productive meetings
  • Engage in back-stabbing or sabotage
  • Are unable to scale with industry or company growth

Make Money Doing What You Love

Flourish and Get Paid will help you discover how to do what you really love, and make more than enough money doing it.

Break through the internal barriers that have kept you "playing small" in your work. Make it safer to take the steps you want to take toward a career you really love!

Sample Our Leadership Training

We believe strongly in what we do, and our clients do, too. That's why we created the complimentary Break Through Your Barriers Blueprint. This valuable resource demonstrates just one of the many techniques we use to help people conquer the things that hold them back from success. This blueprint is the ultimate guide on how to stop procrastinating! It shows you how our leadership training uniquely empowers people to do, say, think and feel what they really want. 



Several times a month, we share insights on our blog to inspire and motivate leaders to take steps toward success. Whether your goal is to flourish financially while doing what you love, lead a high-performing team, or simply to advance more significantly in your career journey, there's something for you in the blog

How to Navigate Your Deal Breakers

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How to Set up Difficult Conversations

If you look at yourself as the center of a wheel, and each of the spokes connects you to someone different – bosses, peers, subordinates, clients and vendors – which professional relationship is the most challenging for you? Chances are, there’s a difficult conversation to be had there. Recently, we talked about how effective communication…

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Is an MBA the Answer to Getting Promoted?

Are you at a crossroads in your career? Do you want to move into a leadership role, but haven’t been able to do so?  You might think getting an MBA is the solution. After all, the prevailing wisdom is that you didn’t get the promotion because you don’t have the right knowledge or accolades. This…

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How To Deal With an Intimidating Work Environment

Last week we talked about the 4 channels for effective communication at work. Let’s walk through an example situation where you might be able to practice this model to improve your work experience. In this example, imagine you’re working in an intimidating environment. Perhaps your coworkers or bosses are highly assertive, or most ideas and…

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Effective Communication Skills Change Everything

Since I left my corporate consulting career to found Engaging Breakthroughs, I’ve been doing the work that I really love. I help individuals and teams to create the experiences they really want in their careers. However, it wasn’t always this way. There was a time as a consultant when I needed to improve my own…

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Here’s How to Get a Promotion at Work

There’s loads of advice out there about how to get a promotion at work. Professionals who tend to rise in their careers typically share certain habits: they own their responsibility, network with the right people, lead with vulnerability, and advocate for team members and themselves. However, what if you can’t seem to find time or…

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Now Open: The Mastering Soft Skills Training

It’s here: a local soft skills training in north Dallas! This two-and-a-half hour experience will put you on the right track to show up more powerfully at work. On November 13 from 6:30pm-9:00pm, join us at City Central co-working space to gain new tools that will help you communicate more effectively in your career. This soft…

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Practice the Power of Vulnerability – with a Day Off!

After Brene Brown’s viral TED Talk and the launch of her book The Power of Vulnerability, everyday people began talking about the concept of shame. Brown defines shame as fear of loss of connection. More specifically, we believe there are parts of ourselves that others would reject. We fear we’d lose respect, friendship, or prestige…

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How to Have Effective Difficult Conversations

Let’s talk about difficult conversations. Stop what you’re doing for a moment, and just think about all the relationships that you have. This can include professional relationships such as your colleagues, superiors, direct reports, clients, vendors and competitors. It can also include personal relationships such as family and friends. Which relationship, if you could improve…

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Learn more about Leadership Coaching with Engaging Breakthroughs

Engaging Breakthroughs was founded to empower people to align with their deepest truth. We offer leadership development programs that help people to follow their purpose, achieve transformational leadership, and show up more authentically in relationships and careers. Check out the blog to get inspired and learn more about what we do, or schedule a complimentary consultation today!