Life Coach Reviews & Words of Healing

Shelia N.

Mary Monttein is gifted in the healing arts and an inspiration in her business dealings. She seems to pull from an endless source of knowledge and speak in an endearing way no matter the situation

CH Speaker Dallas, TX

You truly are a stress relief expert!

Greg N.

Over the past month it has meant so much to me that you have listened to the challenges I am faced with both spiritually and personally and interjecting your words and wisdom to help me find a path to peace.

Healing Energy Session Reviews

PL Entrepreneur Plano, TX

Blissful! What started with tension, neck pain and mental noise, heaped with skepticism
transformed into ease in the neck muscles and feelings of bliss.

5th grader, Rose Mary Haggar Elementary

It felt like you gave me a shower on the inside. I can do things now I couldn’t do before.


It was like something was exorcised and everything is different now.


Monttein, first let me say that prior to our first session, I was unsure about what it was you were going to do and perhaps a bit skeptical about anyone helping me. As you are aware, I have been going through a lot due to the impact of three successive heart attacks which left me feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained. After the session, all I could say is “WOW!”. I don’t know how you did what you did, but it transformed my mind and body dramatically. When I went home after the session, I knew something had changed inside but I couldn’t put it into words. By that evening, I was feeling happy and positive. By the following day, I was feeling better than I had felt in months. I cannot wait until I am able to experience another session with you. Monttein, I would recommend you to ANYONE and EVERYONE!

C. Marquis L.Ac

Mary Monttein has done several energetic healing treatments on me. She is an amazing Pranic healer! I could feel the shifts taking place in my body during each treatment. I would leave feeling peaceful, lighter, and more connected. Not only does she have many gifts in the healing arena, but her warm smile and gentle touch just adds that much more to the healing session. I can always count on feeling like a million dollars after a session with her!

Cathrine Hatcher

Dear Mary Monttein! I wanted to write you this note to let you know how much you helped me find synergy again! The work you did with me came at a very stressful time with major work projects along with a remodeling project going on in my home. Thank you for helping me feel normal again! I felt so comfortable working with you. You were the calming source I needed Mary Monttein! You truly are a stress reducer! Blessings to you.

DCM Austin, TX

The ankle & heel pain went from 7 to 3 by the end of the session. The following day when it normally would have been unbearable was only .5. Despite my husband’s skepticism I was also notably much calmer with no irritation at things that would have surely set me off before.

Stress Less in Texas

Mary’s focus and attention really had a positive impact on me through her process. My job can be very stressful at times, and this process has helped to reduce my stress. I find that things just seem “easier” in general for me after having my session. I was skeptical, but trusted in Mary and what she was offering. I highly recommend this process, especially for the skeptical folks.

DB Dallas, TX

I slept with less pain. I could sit in a butterfly position, which I haven’t been able to do for months. And, less mystically and beautifully: I could reach my feet to clip my nails! I don’t cry tears, so you probably don’t know this, but I cried during the first clearing.

JH Dallas, TX

My right arm/shoulder was immediately improved and feeling much better. My range of movement dramatically increased with significantly less pain.

RC DVM Plano, TX

It has been several months since our session. All my life I had nightmares of drowning. I have not had one since our consultation.


I want to share a piece of testimony with you. All my life I had felt like God hated me. My 1st untrue realization and I remember everything about that moment was when I was 4. By then I had been abused in every way possible. So as I stood there in my room cold, hungry and scared I looked up at the ceiling and asked Him why. I knew nothing about spiritual attacks but I did know there was a God and there was no way He could love me. This journey has been a rough road traveled. And the abuse got so much worse. But God was with me every step of the way with His hands on my life. Since I have gave my heart to Christ and He has transformed my life buried deep inside of me was still that fear. Recently that belief has taken form again thru my feelings and it was crushing my spirit. And has been for many months now. satan knows our insecurities he also knew I have been disobedient and ignoring for some time what God has me to do. The noise in my head has been so loud here lately. A ton of unforgiveness bubble from my soul and the attack of the mind has been non stop. Which is why I have been pleading for prayers to cover me. Mary Monttein Alonso saw one of those posts and reached out to me telling me she knew she could help me with the ministry calling of healing she shares with others. I had to do something, even when I was sleeping the attacks of my mind and spirit were crushing me. It was sooooo bad that even when I got up to pee there was the devil reminding me of what that little girl believed. I think the bottom was last Sunday. I went up for prayer and the devil was screaming to me clearly "see... even the pastor wont pray for you" I stood there begging God to get him to pray for me. satan is such a liar and part of my testimony is that I have surrendered all areas even those sins I was telling myself aren't bad or just not willing to stop. Everyone else does it, on and on. Last night was the 1st time that I was able to go back to that little girl and fight against satan for her. God loved me then and He loves me now and He must have a plan for my life because God knows every deed and never wavered in His love for me. And today I have a woken with a peace I have never had in my life. Never. That judgement doesn't belong to me any more and today when I woke to pee, no noise. Last night I slept like a baby with one of my favorite songs playing in my mind all night. (Building 429 give me Jesus.) I feel like I lost the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. And I know I know I know GOD LOVES ME. Thank you Mary. You shined Gods light in the dark and hidden places and babee I'm free!