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Founder and breakthrough coach Craig Tennant is passionate about helping people live more fulfilling lives. Get to know him as he shares his personal Hero's Journey story and his inspiration behind Engaging Breakthroughs

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Craig Tennant and Monttein Alonso are your breakthrough coaches for your leadership journey.

Breakthrough Coach

About Craig

Transformation Architect & Breakthrough Coach

For over three decades, Craig Tennant consulted with finance and technology executives in software services. He climbed the corporate ladder by showing up powerfully as a consultant, leading internal teams and clients toward valuable solutions.

Alongside his corporate career, Craig facilitated authentic leadership workshops for 17 years. In this work, he guided individual and group leadership development sessions where attendees learned to embrace deeper truth. As a result, attendees gained skills to show up more confidently in their relationships..

Although he enjoyed his work in the software industry, Craig found his purpose in helping others break through barriers that prevent them from having the experience they really want from life. 

Overall, Craig has trained and supported thousands of individuals and over 75 groups to bring their more authentic selves to the world. His purpose as a breakthrough coach is simple: "I empower people to align with their deepest truth."

Breakthrough Therapy

About Monttein

Facilitator & Breakthrough Coach


Monttein Alonso believes that happier, healthier people create a happier, healthier planet. She adores empowering her clients to become more authentic leaders. Furthermore, her training enlivens her clients as they dynamically shift energetic messages inside and outside of themselves, fully engaging the law of attraction and showing up as more powerful leaders.

Monttein’s mission as a leadership development coach is to bless others with warmth and support as they step into brave new thinking and radically transform their lives. Her unique breakthrough coaching approach helps to shift energy in the body to awaken the heart, soul and mind. Ultimately, her methods help people to design and manifest lives that are in harmony with their purpose.

Monttein has successfully applied transformational leadership principles for over 2 decades. Consequently, she is widely sought after for her fun and energetic training, speaking, and certified life coaching.


At Engaging Breakthroughs, we believe in empowering people to bring their bigger purpose to the world through their work. We’re based in the United States, where we have access to basic human necessities like clean water, sanitation, and access to food. These amenities support our health so we can flourish in our careers. However, not everyone in the world shares our fortune.

Millions of people may never even consider the thought of achieving a deeper purpose, because they don’t have access to a basic level of health and sanitation. It’s difficult to bring the best of ourselves to the world if we’re thirsty or fighting disease.

We recognize our great fortune, and believe in sharing that with the world. For that reason, since January 1, 2019, Engaging Breakthroughs has donated 5% of our revenues each month to charity: water. Learn more about this cause on our blog or at charity: water.

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Engaging Breakthroughs was founded to empower people to align with their deepest truth. We offer leadership development programs that help people to follow their purpose, achieve transformational leadership, and show up more authentically in relationships and careers. Check out the blog to get inspired and learn more about what we do, or schedule a complimentary consultation today!