How to Follow Your Passion: Podcast

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When Jen McFarland invited me to be a guest on her podcast to talk about how to follow your passion, I was honored to oblige. Jen’s purpose is to help women conquer the world of business so they can succeed on their own terms.  She teaches women how to build their businesses around equity, leadership, mindset, courage, and resilience.

These themes resound closely with my purpose: As a breakthrough coach, I empower people to live in alignment with their deepest truth. I care deeply about helping people to find the courage and resilience to become more effective leaders, and to flourish while doing what they really love.

Jen and I discussed how to follow your passion and what kinds of mindsets and patterns can help you – or hurt you – along the way. Whether you’re ready to escape the rat race, or simply to become more authentic in your leadership, I hope you enjoy the discussion!

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