How to Deal With Loneliness at Work

Dealing with Loneliness at Work

In working with corporate professionals, we’ve heard clients express from time to time that they’re dealing with loneliness at work. That is, they feel emotional distress due to perceived disconnect from the team members around them. While feeling lonely at work isn’t something openly discussed in most offices, it’s increasingly common, and it has severe…

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How to Give (and Receive!) Discretionary Effort

Discretionary Effort

“Discretionary effort” is often considered the crown jewel of employee engagement. Simply put, it’s the discretionary – or extra – work that people give to a cause. These are all the little gifts that go above and beyond what’s required to get the job done. It’s the special sauce that makes things great instead of…

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Dallas Soft Skills Training

soft skills training

On November 18th, we hosted our first Mastering Soft Skills Training at CityCentral Dallas. In this training program, attendees learned how to leverage the 4 channels of communication to: Learn how to communicate effectively Get clarity about any challenge you are facing Set clean boundaries with your calendar, colleagues, clients, vendors and yourself Deliver more effective feedback Handle difficult conversations with more…

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Ready to Lead? Ask for Help!

Ask for Help

Great leaders are willing to ask for help from others, and they’ve learned how to do so effectively. Even better, they ask in a way that is inviting and full of choice, rather than telling people what to do. The ability to ask for what you want is directly tied to your success as a…

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How to Set up Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

If you look at yourself as the center of a wheel, and each of the spokes connects you to someone different – bosses, peers, subordinates, clients and vendors – which professional relationship is the most challenging for you? Chances are, there’s a difficult conversation to be had there. Recently, we talked about how effective communication…

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Is an MBA the Answer to Getting Promoted?


Are you at a crossroads in your career? Do you want to move into a leadership role, but haven’t been able to do so?  You might think getting an MBA is the solution. After all, the prevailing wisdom is that you didn’t get the promotion because you don’t have the right knowledge or accolades. This…

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How To Deal With an Intimidating Work Environment

Effective Communication At Work

Last week we talked about the 4 channels for effective communication at work. Let’s walk through an example situation where you might be able to practice this model to improve your work experience. In this example, imagine you’re working in an intimidating environment. Perhaps your coworkers or bosses are highly assertive, or most ideas and…

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Effective Communication Skills Change Everything

Effective communication skills

Since I left my corporate consulting career to found Engaging Breakthroughs, I’ve been doing the work that I really love. I help individuals and teams to create the experiences they really want in their careers. However, it wasn’t always this way. There was a time as a consultant when I needed to improve my own…

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Here’s How to Get a Promotion at Work

How to Get a Promotion at Work

There’s loads of advice out there about how to get a promotion at work. Professionals who tend to rise in their careers typically share certain habits: they own their responsibility, network with the right people, lead with vulnerability, and advocate for team members and themselves. However, what if you can’t seem to find time or…

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