Make Money Doing What you Love: Solve These 4 Problems

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about tuning in and setting intention for what you really love to do. We’ve also discussed how your purpose is fueled by your deepest need, and reviewed how flow is fundamental to the journey ahead. But as you grow closer to finding your life’s purpose, how are you going to actually make money doing what you really love?

The answer is not easy, but it is simple: you must apply what you love to do to solve a problem that people are willing to pay to fix.

Consider the top 4 areas in which people are most willing to spend money to solve problems:

  1. Relationships
  2. Health
  3. Beauty
  4. Money/Career
Pay Attention to the Puzzle Pieces

To help this sink in, over the next week, make a conscious effort to notice the 4,000 to 10,000 brand marketing messages you receive each day. These messages come in radio commercials, movie product placement, Hulu commercials, billboards, bus stop signage, and ads on the articles you read online. You’ll quickly begin to notice the 4 major themes:

  • Open any airline magazine and you’ll find matchmakers promising help to find meaningful romantic relationships.
  • Health related marketing messages are especially widespread; you can hardly get through a single TV show without seeing a drug or weight loss commercial.
  • Since society has evolved to a point where everyone has a camera in hand at all times, achieving beauty is a bigger desire than ever. Notice the uptick in ads for expensive laser hair removal and injectable beauty solutions.
  • There is an explosion of people claiming you can make money quickly and/or easily online. People are attracted to the promise of a more fulfilling career making more money.
Apply What You Love to Do to Solve the Problem

When you began paying attention to what it is you really love to do, and started practicing it, which of these 4 areas shifted for you? Was there an aspect of relationships that changed for the better? If so, which kinds of relationship benefitted? How can your life’s purpose help other people to flourish in their relationships?

Alternatively, did you notice that doing what you really love to do had a positive impact on your health? Perhaps you can help people to live stronger, healthier lives.

When you spent more time doing what you really love to do, did you notice positive aesthetic impacts in your life – perhaps artistically, in a design sense, or in a physical beauty sense? Perhaps you have something great to contribute to people who want more beautiful homes, events or physical appearances.

As you began to tap into bigger dreams for yourself, did you experience transformation in your career or finances? Maybe you can support people to build a business or make more money.

If you’re just now getting in touch with what you love to do, you’ll want to invest in learning what that really is and how it can help solve one of these problems. This work will help you differentiate between hobbies and something that could be a fulfilling career. Your learnings will help craft your service offerings with integrity, and connect your strongest flow activities with the solutions you deliver.

As we continue on the breakthrough journey, stay tuned for next week’s blog post! We’ll talk more about taking strategic baby steps to test your ideas.

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Breakthrough Coach Written by Craig Tennant
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