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In our last blog post, we talked about setting intention. Setting intention puts you on the right path toward doing what you love and living in your purpose! When you tune into daily physical sensations of joy and lightness, your purpose becomes more clear. This will help you tremendously in your hero’s journey.

Today we dig deeper into connecting with what you really love to do. We’re going to discuss how your deepest need as a human being is fuel for the fire behind your life’s purpose.

What is Your Deepest Need?

Everything is in a state of “being.” That is, each living or non-living thing has a past, present and future. As “human beings,” we are simply “being” in our current state, as a product of all that has come before us – genetically, culturally and experientially. As sentient beings, we also plan for how we will be in the future, which is a big part of the work that we do in breakthrough coaching.

However, to powerfully own our present and future, we must acknowledge the past that made us who we are today. In the breakthrough coaching process, we often look at patterns or dynamics that developed all the way back in childhood.

Children are highly impressionable and they depend on those around them to meet a wide range of needs. Those needs are as basic as food and water, and as complex as recognition and discipline. No matter how well-intending caretakers may be, some needs inevitably go unmet. Furthermore, there is often one need that eclipses all others; the one need that deeply impacts life going forward. We call this the deepest need.

I grew up in an environment where I did not receive a lot of blessing and encouragement to try new things. After my dad died in a car accident just shy of my 4th birthday, it seemed that I was the brunt of more anger and ridicule when I tried something new. What I really love to do is bless, encourage and support people because that is really my deepest need.

In the process of growing up, we adapt by developing patterns and dynamics that get our needs met. However, the unmet deepest need lingers in the non-conscious. Some of us try everything – including unhealthy choices – to feed that need. Others repress it entirely. Of course, there is a range of coping methods in between the extremes.

However dire this may sound, when it comes to the hero’s journey and striving to achieve something bigger in life, the deepest need can serve you well.  It can become the spark to light a blazing fire on your journey.

How Your Deepest Need Connects with Your Purpose

Now that you’ve spent some time paying attention to feelings of lightness and joy in your day-to-day activities, consider the common moments when you love what you’re doing. You might have noticed instances like:

  • When you helped someone achieve a result, you felt blissful
  • You felt energized and powerful when solving a complex problem
  • When you accomplished a challenging physical task, you felt like you were glowing

What you may not have noticed (yet) is that these sensations usually connect with your deepest need as a human being. Where you did not have your need met, you are able to serve others well. In this context, reconsider the aforementioned scenarios:

  • Helping others achieve results may bring you feelings of bliss because your deepest need could be related to a time when you needed help and couldn’t get it
  • The energy and power you feel when solving a complex problem could be fueled by a deep need to be challenged; perhaps you wanted to be challenged in ways that would access deeper parts of yourself in your youth, but your parents made all your decisions for you
  • Accomplishing physical tasks may make you feel like you’re glowing because your deepest need is to be active; perhaps your need for active play as a child was not met

These are of course hypothetical scenarios to illustrate the concept. Every deepest need is entirely unique. In breakthrough coaching, we provide strong support to work through the challenges of the deepest need.

Feeding the Fire

My purpose is also connected to my deepest need.

I love it when I can see a shift in someone’s eyes after I introduce them to a new theory that serves them better in life. There’s power in that shift, because I can see the wheels turning in their heads as the perspective changes. I know that going forward, they will think differently, in ways that will help them grow and achieve something bigger in life.

When I have moments like this, I feel the fire burning strong. I am most connected my purpose and I’m making the difference that I’m meant to make in this world. I want to bless others with support because I didn’t really get it myself while growing up. My passion for teaching and helping others solve problems grows from my deepest need.

Your purpose in life is almost always tied to your deepest need as a human being. You can find healing in serving others by digging into these roots. The deepest need will carry the torch for what you really love to do.

Next Steps to Doing What You Really Love

By now, we’ve given you some tools to help set your intention for the work you love. Today, we also discussed how the things you love to do are tied to your deepest need as a human being.

Now, it’s time to talk more about connecting this purpose with your next career steps. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll talk about the importance of “flow” activities and how they can serve you in taking your next steps!

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Breakthrough Coach Written by Craig Tennant
Founder, Engaging Breakthroughs
Transformation Architect and Breakthrough CoachAt Engaging Breakthroughs, Craig Tennant delivers breakthrough success workshops and online life breakthrough coaching for people who seek to break through to success and discover life beyond the 9 to 5.


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